Executive Coaching

Who we are...

Matthew Maynard & Shane Brown thrive on influencing people and empowering them to live happier lives, communicate empathetically, and understand/regulate emotions intelligently. They coach companies, teams, and individuals in order to enhance their Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills.

Why Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence was identified in the late 90's to be one of the biggest contributors to an individuals career success and the ability to lead teams effectively. We utilize the latest research, psychometric assessments, and coaching to deliver unparalleled results in companies large and small.

What Our Clients Look For

We work with leaders who want to increase...

  • their ability to gain compliance from their subordinates.
  • candid and honest dialogue with subordinates to reduce last minute problem solving.
  • build loyalty amongst their co-workers.
  • efficiency in daily operations for themselves and others who support them.
  • employee's feeling that they are appreciated and valued.

Want More Information?

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